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Since our videos are all custom-designed to meet the individual needs of our customers, prices vary project to project depending on a number of different factors:

*The length of video*   *Amount of time it takes to prepare for the shoot *  * Crew and Equipment needed *
*Number of Shoot days * *Number of locations involved * *Time needed for editing, graphics, and music *

Our video rates can range anywhere from a few hundred bucks to several thousand. It all depends on the complexity of your video. Below is a list of  recommended video packages that we've put together. If you don't see what you want or need, give us a shout as we are always also open to customizing a package that is just right for you. 


Our standard package Includes all of the following:

*1 Video up to 30 minutes in length 
* 1 Shoot Day
*1 hour Script development meeting 
*1 hour Rehearsal with Director
*Motion graphics Title * Royalty-Free Music 
*Mobile-Friendly – all mobile devices,computers, phones, 
  ipads, tablets etc.


 This package includes a couple of shorter versions of your video. In other words, you get your basic video package PLUS 2 additional teasers!

*1-2 Minute Movie-Style Trailer - Use this teaser to sell your longer-version video.

*20-60 Second Video Email - Pop this short video into an email or newsletter to drive traffic to your website!



Here are some bells and whistles you can add to your video package to jazz it up and make your content more exciting.

* Custom-Designed Logo Motion Graphics Animation 
Original Music - give us a song and our composer will compose a similar tune 
Extra Acting/Coaching Rehearsal with director 
We will Write your Script! 
10-Day Rush Job

                                           COMBO PLATTERS:

Explainer Video Series 
3 videos (up to 5 minutes each) Choose 3 different topics related to business or services and plant them on your website and social media platforms!  

Video Tip Series          
6 videos (up to 60 secs each) - These are designed to present educational or instructional tips in short, crisp soundbites that grab and keep viewer attention.

Launch Series               
10 Videos (up to 60 secs each) Roll out this campaign one spot at a time every week to promote your upcoming workshops, events, services, sales bonanza, or product launch.